Getting Married in April

The Irish have a saying for every month of the year! Here’s their proverb for those who get married in April.

Marry in April when you can,
joy for maiden and for man

Enjoy all those spring flowers and celebrate a romance which will last with joy and laughter!

March Irish Marriage Proverb

The luck of the Irish is definitely strong in March! This is the month with St. Patrick’s Day in it!

What do the Irish say about getting married in March?

If you wed when March winds blow,
joy and sorrow both you’ll know.

That is the way of our world. We all face ups and downs. That’s why the wedding vows traditionally say “for better or for worse” – and it’s those downs which make us really appreciate the ups. You know you have a true partner in life when they stick with you even during the rough spots.

So treasure your March wedding and know it’s the way the Irish meant for it to be!

February Irish Traditional Saying

You might think of February as frosty and snowy, but in Ireland this is a delightful time of year. It’s when all the creatures start thinking spring thoughts – including the birds!

The Irish saying for getting married in February is:

When February birds do mate,
you may wed, nor dread your fate.

No need to dread – February is a wonderful time of year for a wedding! And if you live somewhere snowy, it’s even better, because you have a beautiful sparkling landscape around you to work with. Your love will keep you warm!

Weddings & Courtships Ireland

Happy happy! I just received the proof copy for the reprint of my Weddings & Courtships Ireland book. This book had been out of print for years and I was finally able to rebuild it from the raw PDF. It looks great! Now to roll this out live, and then finish up the fresh, new version! 🙂

Weddings & Courtships Ireland

Happy Happy! I’m loading up a brand new entry for Weddings & Courtships Ireland into Amazon – the first step in enhancing it! :). This book had first been managed by a small-press publisher back in 2003 and I only “regained control” of it last fall. So I had to recreate it from an old PDF file as this first step. It should be live on Amazon by the end of the weekend! #ireland #irishlove