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November 2014
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Welcome to the Weddings & Courtships blog! This is the perfect place to get romantic ideas for your dates, engagement, wedding, and marriage!

Two Keys to a Relationship

The two critical keys to a lasting relationship – and both are free! :)

Two Keys to a Relationship

#romance #love

Mused Literary Review

The submission deadline for the Winter Solstice issue of the Mused Literary Review is coming up on Monday, Nov 10th – get your poems, photos, plays, stories, and other items in! We had a server hiccup during our server move so if you submitted earlier please re-submit to be sure we have it!

Mused Literary Review

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New Faster Server

Hurrah! The Weddings and Courtships website has been moved to a brand new, faster server, and the WordPress blog has been updated as well! Let me know if you spot any issues with this new site.


The Lucky Cat – Black Cat Vol. 1

The Lucky Cat – Black Cat Vol. 1 is live! Daily mini mysteries set in Salem Massachusetts – 99 cents / free on KU!

The Lucky Cat – Black Cat Vol. 1

Please share the news! All proceeds help charity.


Aquarian Awakenings

FREE! Perfect sci-fi adventure-romance for a late summer weekend! They’ve loved each other across many lives – but has she now lost him forever?

Aquarian Awakenings


Native American traditions

Here’s the fourth one, for the book I’m finishing up on Native American traditions. #nativeamerican #wedding


Weddings & Courtships Italy

Third up is Weddings & Courtships Italy – I’d love feedback on the new cover! I think this might be the “busiest” one


Weddings & Courtships France


Here’s the new cover for my Weddings & Courtships France book – again, I’d love feedback on it! #weddings #france


Weddings & Courtships Ireland

Created a new cover for my Weddings & Courtships Ireland book Рwhat do you think?  Is it romantic enough? Or does it look like a travel book?


Aquarian Awakening – a Sci-Fi Romance

It’s live! My brand new sci-fi romance series is live! Aquarian Awakenings is only .99 cents on Kindle and is also available on Lulu, SmashWords, Kobo, and Goodreads. It’s rolling out on Nook and iTunes. I’d love to hear your feedback on this!

Aquarian Awakening – a Sci-Fi Romance

All proceeds from the Collective Saga series benefit battered women’s shelters. Books 2 and 3 are live, too, so you don’t have to wait to keep reading! :) Please share!